Hand Forged Perforated Ladle


These Grill Tools are hand forged with classic blacksmith craftsmanship - right here in Texas. These tools are essential to any grilling enthusiast for use on the fire pit, grill and BBQ smoker. Because they are made by the hands of an artisan, each tool has its own distinctive look. After manufacturing, each tool has a light coat of oil applied to prevent rusting and will need to be cleaned and seasoned prior to use. From curved spatula grill tools designed especially for our Circle J grill pans to a set of heavy duty steel tongs we have the right tools for you.


Grill tool Length: 22″
Grill Tool Width: 4 1/4″
Grill Tool Weight: N / A lbs
Construction: Carbon steel


  • Hand Forged American Craftsmanship
  • Natural Metal Finish
  • Light Oil coat


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