Fire Pit Grill with CNC Grill Top 42″


Durable construction and steel wheels make this large fire pit easy to move around for the guys at the lease or the group in your backyard. It features a 42" Fire Pit with a 36" CNC grill top. This large grill top provides enough room for dutch ovens, Circle J grill pans, a big pot of beans and much more.


Fire Pit Size: 42″
Grill Size: 36″
Cooking Surface Height: 22″ – 25″
Overall Dimensions – Length: 54″ Width: 54″ Height: 24″
Weight: N / A lbs
Construction: Solid welded carbon steel


  • CNC Machine cut grill top
  • Steel Wheels for easy movement
  • Removable and rotatable grill tops
  • Adjustable height grill tops
  • High heat enamel coated finish
  • Built in accessory rod receiver
  • Fire Poker


  • Grill Pans starting at $59.00
  • Hand forged BBQ tools starting at $29.99
  • Grill surface lids starting at $49.99
  • Pepper roasters starting at $12.99
  • Ornamental cutouts starting at $39.99
  • Personalize your pit starting at $49.99


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